Interest Areas - Library

I love to walk barefoot on the beach. It's great to feel the sand between my toes!
I think I’ve got everything. Fob? CHECK! Car keys, wallet, reusable bags. Let's go grocery shopping. Woo hoo!
Whoa, I'm exhausted. I just worked a double, fourteen hours on my feet! What about you, how was your shift?
David drives to work. How early do you think he has to leave to get to his job on time?
Wow, Devin is so frustrating. She always tries to take over and control our meetings. She interrupts when we are speaking and talks over other people too.
Do you ever get stage fright? I do. I have to do a presentation tomorrow. I get so nervous I can't speak, and I start to sweat.
OMG I'm so fat! Look at these beautiful models in this magazine! They are perfect! It's my dream to be like them, but my metabolism works against me.
Welcome! I am going to give you a tour of our facilities. We have a beautiful gym with lots of fitness equipment to use! If you have any questions, please ask me.
Once a month a "magical" thing happens to ladies. We get a period, but not the kind at the end of a sentence!
Let's do takeout tonight. I really don't feel like cooking. Fine with me!
Ready for our glamping weekend? Glamorous camping! It's going to be so much better than last year. What a disaster it was in the rain in our tiny little tent!
Hello! I'd like a bike tune-up. What's included in your basic get-ready-for-summer service package?
Hello Alex. Tell me a little about yourself. Why do you think you’d be a good fit for our restaurant?
Yes! I have english muffins! My brunch would be ruined without them!
On Sunday I had pancakes for breakfast.
It's so beautiful out today. Let's go for a stroll in the cemetery.
What a terrible day. My boss called me to her office and said I was doing a lousy job, today is my last day. I can't believe I got fired!
How can you put up with your neighborhood? Do you really like living in the city? There's so much noise!
This trip we’re going to splurge and treat ourselves to luxury. We’re staying in a classy hotel!
Ugh, I’ve been stopped by the police! Waiting for the officer... I hope I’m not in too much trouble.
You wouldn't believe the deal I got at the flea market this morning! The seller was asking 40 bucks but I got him down to $15.
It’s our last day in Boston. Are you up for sailing on the Charles?
Am I ever happy we took our bags on the plane. Imagine waiting for our luggage to be unloaded with all those people at baggage claim!
I decided to go on vacation in France this summer. Sounds great! How much vacation time do you have?
Throw on some shoes. Let's go to the mall. I want to buy a new phone.
It's 7:00AM. Time to wake up. Good morning!
I always polish off my food when I eat at restaurants. Now, with life turned upside down by the pandemic, I eat everything in sight at home!
Hey, let's hit a Korean place. I'm dying for some of their fabulous BBQ pork belly.
Can I convince you to go to the movies tonight? I want to see the new chick flick. I hear it's so romantic!
We're having a housewarming party! My sister bought a new condo by the sea. She moved in a few months ago but now is settled and ready to celebrate!