Ordering Takeout

Noun food cooked in a restaurant to be eaten at home
Let's do takeout tonight. I really don't feel like cooking. Fine with me!
Phrase request food that will be prepared for you
place an order
What do you feel like eating? Can we place an order now? I’m really hungry!
Noun food that is ordered in addition to the main dish of the meal
a side
How about we get a side of hummus and veggies to share. Sure. And what do you want for your main dish?.
Phrase go to the food place where they bring your order out to you in your car
curbside pick up
You pick. Doesn’t matter to me. Shall we do delivery or curbside pick up?. I’ll go get it. It’ll be faster!
Phrase give money back when cash payment is more than the total owed
make change
I only have a fifty dollar bill though. Do you think they’ll be able to make change? You’re kidding, right? We’ve already paid in the app!
Adjective ability to pay through transfer of digital information between transacting parties
Oh yeah. I don’t like our cashless society as much as you! At least our food is real.
Phrase begin eating
dig in
Yup, and it smells delicious. Let’s dig in!