Apartment Search

Noun a set of rooms in a building where someone lives
Did you hear? We have to find a new apartment!
Noun a structure with a roof and walls
How about this building? The windows look cool.
Adverb toward or on a top floor of a building
Nope. The apartment is upstairs, too many steps for me!
Noun a level in a building
How about this one? It only has five floors (haha) but it has a pool!
Noun an owner who leases a place for other people to live or work in
It looks expensive. Let's see if the landlord is nice, and honest!
Noun someone who rents an apartment
And we'd better check that the lease has good protections for us tenants.
Noun money that you pay to live in a place owned by someone else
OK but rent is most important. If it's cheap enough I'll take it. I have to move in a week!