Getting to the Sale

Verb to put clothes on or get dressed quickly
throw on
Throw on some shoes. Let's go to the mall. I want to buy a new phone. They're on sale!
Phrase make something quickly without too much planning
throw something together
Not so fast! We need to eat. I can throw something together in ten minutes.
Verb eject food from the stomach through the mouth
throwing up
Sure. It'll be better than throwing up from fast food. Remember how sick I got from that hamburger and fries!
Verb move something from it's original place
threw out
Yeah, you could barely stand up. And I threw out my shoulder trying to help you walk!
Verb discard something as useless or unwanted
throw away
Right, and I had to throw away the shirt I was wearing. It was way too smelly and disgusting to wear again.
Verb to give something for free as a deal or promotion
throw in
Enough of that, let's eat and get going or we'll miss the sale! When you buy a phone today they're throwing in a second one for free!
Phrase to admit defeat or quit trying
throw in the towel
Oh no! It got so late, the store closes in 15 minutes. No way we can get there in time. Looks like we'll have to throw in the towel.