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I decided to go on vacation in France this summer. Sounds great! How much vacation time do you have?
My friend and I just left on a weekend getaway. We got tired of the snow and wanted to be somewhere warm.
It is nice to get out of the city together. This getaway should be the best yet.
My friend sent me this picture of the urban nightlife in Tokyo, Japan.
Ugh, I’ve been stopped by the police! Waiting for the officer... I hope I’m not in too much trouble.
This trip we’re going to splurge and treat ourselves to luxury. We’re staying in a classy hotel!
It’s our last day in Boston. Are you up for sailing on the Charles?
Am I ever happy we took our bags on the plane. Imagine waiting for our luggage to be unloaded with all those people at baggage claim!
How do I get to the Grand View farmhouse? The farmer is an old friend of mine.
Some of my friends get to school by bus.
Goodbye hot smelly city. I'm so happy we're on our way to the countryside.
As we enter the plane we look left and see the pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit ready to fly the plane.
Our seat backs are upright, seat belts are fastened, and electronics are turned off (well almost)!
Look at the long line to check in at the ticket counter. Next time let's do it online.
The passengers are boarding the aircraft -- up the airstairs and a small step onto the plane.
We met a lot of fellow backpackers traveling through Europe.