Get Together This Weekend?

Phrase used to say that people are coming to one's home as guests
have a few people over
Hey! I'm gonna have a few people over on Saturday for a BBQ. Wanna come?
Phrase answer an invitation
It's supposed to be great weather, I hope you're free! Please RSVP as soon as you can.
Phrase say something in reply
get back to me
Actually I kinda need you to get back to me right now. I'm on my way to the grocery store and want to know how much food to buy.
Phrase reach the limit of what one is able to do
maxed out
Oh sorry dude, I’m maxed out. On Saturday it's my Mom's birthday and we're going to the country. Next weekend would be good.
Adjective possible to do
Is that doable for you
Hey man, I wish I could but I’m sick. How about next Saturday? Is that doable for you?
Phrase used to say no to an offer with the possibility of accepting it at a later date
take a rain check
Well, I’m going to have to take a rain check too. We have friends from up north staying with us all week.
Verb to decide to do something at a later time than was originally planned
So you all can't make it. No worries, I'll postpone... maybe next weekend.
Phrase someone who brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to a social event
the life of the party
Well buddy, it’s just you and me. Looks like you’ll have to be the life of the party this weekend.