Tour of a Gym

Noun a place with equipment provided for use
Welcome! I am going to give you a tour of our facilities. We have a beautiful gym with lots of fitness equipment to use! If you have any questions, please ask me.
Noun area to change clothes and keep personal items safe
locker room
Let's start with the locker room. As you can see, there are many places for you to put your belongings -- please bring your own lock. We have showers and a great sauna too!
Noun relating to the heart
Over here we have the cardio section. You can run on a treadmill, plus use the ellipticals, stair climbers, and rowing machines!
Adjective every 2 weeks
Your credit card will be charged only $65 bi-weekly, or $130 monthly. The payment can be taken directly from your bank account! So just give me your information and you are good to go!
Noun heavy objects that are lifted during exercising and are not attached to an apparatus
free weights
Next, we have the free weights area. Here are dumbbells and barbells ranging from 2 kg up to 100 kg!
Noun machines with heavy objects attached that are used for building muscles and exercise
weight training equipment
Take a look at our weight training equipment. Our machines target all the individual muscle groups so you can achieve your personal fitness goals!
Noun person with certified knowledge of general fitness who instructs clients in exercising
personal trainer
One of the best things is to work with a personal trainer. Your 'private teacher' at the gym will help you do all the exercises properly and, very importantly, motivate you to keep going!
Verb not apply a fee
Would you like to sign up for a membership? We have a great promotion on right now! When you join today, we will waive the initiation fee so you save over $200!
Verb to include something extra
throw in
I'll even throw in three personal training sessions for the price of one to sweeten the deal for you. So you pay for 1 and get 2 more times for free! It would be great to have you at our gym.