Bargain Hunters

Noun a market where old or used goods are sold cheaply
flea market
You wouldn't believe the deal I got at the flea market this morning! The seller was asking 40 bucks but I got him down to 15 dollars.
Noun a discovery of something valuable
So what kind of find did you get? It's a toolbox with badass chisels and wrenches stashed in the drawers!
Noun things that are considered useless or of little value
Lucky you. Personally, I find there’s too much junk at these places. I know one man's trash can be another man's gold but flea markets aren’t for me.
Noun household items set out for purchase in the garage or yard of someone's home
yard sales
I love yard sales though. Last week I walked by one and saw an almost new coffee maker on their table. Perfect since mine had just stopped working.
Verb put items in the garbage
throw things out
I agree yard sales are great. Other people can use what you don’t want any more. Why throw things out when you can 'upcycle' them!
Noun a collectible item such as furniture, dishes, jewelry, or art that has a high value
Speaking about repurposing old stuff, do you like going to antique shows? Do you have any real antiques in your house?
Verb to remember past experiences with pleasure
reminisce about
No antiques in my place but my Grandma had a lot in her home. I love to reminisce about the crazy times we had in her old living room!