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I always polish off my food when I eat at restaurants. Now, with life turned upside down by the pandemic, I eat everything in sight at home!
Hey I'm starving! Are you free for lunch? We could try the new cafe. It’s a fixed-price buffet so you can take what you like and eat a ton!
We're eating out tonight, right? If we want to go to our favorite place, we'd better make a reservation. It fills up fast!
We have to be back in 30 minutes. Let’s grab something at a fast-food place. OK?
I think I’ve got everything. Keys? Check. Wallet? Yep. Reusable bags? Uh-huh. On my way to the grocery store.
On Sunday I had pancakes for breakfast.
Yes! I have english muffins. My recipe would be ruined without them.
I need coffee! Do you want to meet me at the cafe down the street for a short break?
Let's do takeout tonight. I really don't feel like cooking. Fine with me!
Hey, let's hit a Korean place. I'm dying for some of their fabulous BBQ pork belly.
Turks love their breakfast. Turkish tea, drunk in a special tea glass with two cubes of sugar, is a wonderful way to start the day.
I'm going to a steakhouse tonight. It will be my first time, I am so excited!