Aggravating Afternoon

Phrase informal, expressing assent or agreement.
I think I’ve got everything. Keys? Check. Wallet? Yep. Reusable bags? Uh-huh. On my way to the grocery store.
Phrase manage to do something when you are very busy
squeeze in
Shall I take the elevator? No no, don't be lazy, do the stairs. It'll be good to squeeze in some cardio today.
Noun a series of steps between floors or levels
I'd better call Mom... see if she needs anything. Damn, I forgot my phone! Back up six flights.
Noun an advertising sheet handed out to encourage people to buy products
Finally calling... Hey Mom! Have you looked at the supermarket flyer today? Can I get you anything?
Noun a passage between shelves of goods in a supermarket
Down the cereal aisle. Oh no, I forget what kind Mom said she wanted! Well, she's getting a box of Cherrios.
Phrase select from a group
pick out
And I'll pick out a few potatoes for me. Wow, it's so crowded in here.
Noun thoroughly dislike
can't stand
I can't stand this madhouse. Get me out of this place! Oh look, who's this?
Adjective causing annoyance or irritation
My neighbor's kids. As cute as they are, I know how aggravating it can be to shop with all four! I guess I have it easy after all :)