Your Period

Phrase when a woman has her monthly flow of blood from the uterus
get a period
Once a month a "magical" thing happens to ladies. We get a period, but not the kind at the end of a sentence!
Noun specific words used in a particular profession
The medical jargon is "menstruation." However, we normally just say "I've got my period." Some other slang terms are: Aunt Flo is in town, my time of the month, on the rag... Do you know any others?
Noun pain from menstruation
And with this comes cramps! Oh the pain! Some girls get really strong period cramps and take medicine to help relieve the discomfort. Do you get bad cramps?
Noun pre-menstrual syndrome
A few days before our periods start, we get what is called PMS. Have you ever felt overly emotional, easily frustrated, or just really tired for no apparent reason? This could be due to PMS!
Adjective swollen with fluid or gas
There are also physical symptoms associated with PMS. The most common is becoming bloated! Hum....are your favorite jeans feeling tight around the waist?
Noun a plug of soft material inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual blood.
When our periods start, there can be heavy bleeding. We can use tampons to absorb the blood. Tampons come in different sizes depending on our needs. Or do you prefer to use pads?
Noun a thick piece of soft material used to adsorb liquid
Pads also come in different sizes but do not go inside us like tampons. We just stick them in our underwear! Tampons or pads... we must remember to bring them with us when we have our periods!
Noun strong desire for something
Chocolate! Chocolate! Please give me some chocolate! It is also common to have cravings when we have PMS or our periods! What do you crave at your time of the month?