I’ll Sleep On It

Phrase to be in a state of deep sleep
fast asleep
Huh, what!! I was fast asleep. Why are you texting me now? It's 6AM!!
Phrase not get any sleep although you try to
didn't sleep a wink
Well, I didn't sleep a wink last night. My insomnia is driving me crazy and I had to talk with someone!
Phrase continuously move around in an attempt to be comfortable enough to fall asleep
tossing and turning
Great, thanks :(( Actually I had a bad night too, tossing and turning for hours. I finally got to sleep a short while ago.
Phrase someone who does not sleep deeply and is awakened easily
light sleeper
Oh, I'm really sorry. I thought you were a heavy sleeper not a light sleeper. But also, don't you typically get up for work around now?
Phrase experience a very deep and restful sleep
sleep like a log
Actually you're right, I do typically sleep like a log and wake up early for my job. It's just I'm anxious because of the pandemic.
Phrase someone who regularly stays up late and likes to do things at night
night owl
Yes, this lockdown is turning people's lives upside down. Whether you're a night owl or an early riser, these days you can hang out in bed whenever you want!
Phrase so tired I can barely stand up
ready to drop
Haha maybe you can. My family and work keep me up and about. By the end of the day I'm ready to drop.
Phrase a night in which one sleeps well and feels rested in the morning
good night's sleep
OK, OK. How about we organize a virtual bedtime drink on Zoom? We can calm our nerves 'together' and get a good night's sleep after that.
Phrase delay making a decision on something until one has more time to consider it
sleep on it
Sorry too tired to answer. I'll sleep on it. Let you know later. Bye now!