Coffee Shop

Noun a pause in work or an activity
I need coffee! Do you want to meet me at the cafe down the street for a short break?
Phrase types of coffee that are specially combined by the place that sells it
house blend
Lots of choices! Still, I'm getting the house blend. I like its smooth taste and it's less expensive.
Phrase wait in a cue to be served
stand in line
Wow, this place is crowded today. I don't have much time. Will you stand in line while I find us a place to sit?
Noun cold coffee with ice cubes
iced coffee
Actually, please order me an iced coffee -- even better to cool me down after my hard morning.
Noun pay for something by credit or debit card
put it on my card
I'm happy to pay. Just put it on my card. OK?
Phrase join others who are sitting together
pull up a chair
Hey, look who just came in! Sam, pull up a chair, I have news to tell you. So much for a 'short' break.