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Oh no! There's a checkpoint up ahead, the police are looking for drunk drivers! What are we gonna do?
I think I’ve got everything. Fob? CHECK! Car keys, wallet, reusable bags. Let's go grocery shopping. Woo hoo!
Hey, the hostess is ready to seat us. It's good we didn't have to wait too long to get a table.
I have a dentist appointment today. It's just a checkup. But, ever since I was a kid I've hated going.
I'm gonna head to my local for their "Thirsty Thursday" special! A pint is only three dollars! Wanna join me?
Hey! I'm gonna have a few people over on Saturday for a BBQ. Wanna come?
David drives to work. How early do you think he has to leave to get to his job on time?
Huh, what!! I was fast asleep. Why are you texting me now? It's 6AM!!
Did you hear? We have to find a new apartment.
Hello! I'd like a bike tune-up. What's included in your basic get-ready-for-summer service package?
It's 7:00AM. Time to wake up. Good morning!
Throw on some shoes. Let's go to the mall. I want to buy a new phone. They're on sale!
It's 7:00AM. Time to wake up. Good morning!
How can you put up with your neighborhood? Do you really like living in the city? There's so much noise!
The chemical in cannabis is THC. It can produce sensory and psychological effects. And this is why we feel "high" when we smoke marijuana.
We're having a housewarming party! My sister bought a new condo by the sea. She moved in a few months ago but now is settled and ready to celebrate!
We're eating out tonight, right? If we want to go to our favorite place, we'd better make a reservation. It fills up fast!
What a day! I almost got a parking ticket! I saw the yellow paper on the front window of my car and I started to run to it!
Wow, good thing they have this crosswalk. There's so much traffic and so many people out and about in the city today!
What's your poison tonight ladies?
I'm so happy you came but please don't double dip! Get the yummy stuff on your chip once. It's rude to put it back in for more after you take a bite!
Let's get ready for this shindig! I've made a list of things we need to make the party special!
Donnie (answering his phone): Hey, glad you called! I can't wait for our date tonight.
Buzzzzzzz.....oh there's the washing machine letting me know my load is done. I gotta get my clothes and hang them up to dry.
Oh no, it's happening again. My neighbors are having a domestic for the third time this week. I hate when I hear them fighting.
OMG I'm so fat! Look at these beautiful models in this magazine! They are perfect! It's my dream to be like them, but my metabolism works against me.
Don't stand on that chair, it's wobbly! It isn't safe. Hold on, why are you trying to get up on a chair?
Ari: Hey Ami, Christina, I’m glad I bumped into you!
Hey, have you been on Tinder? I guess I'll try online dating but can you help me with a couple of expressions -- like breadcrumbing... What's that?
WooHoo! I'm stoked. We're going to the amusement park! Our son is so excited to be in the 'big kids' section this time.