Getting to Work on Time

Phrase when expected
on time
David drives to work. How early do you think he has to leave to get to his job on time?
Phrase cause someone to drive to the side of the road
pull him over
He's late today and driving very fast. Oh no, a cop is about to pull him over for speeding!
Phrase caught in the middle of vehicles that aren't moving
stuck in traffic
Now he's stuck in traffic a few blocks from work! If the cars don't start moving he'll definitely be late.
Phrase the final part of a journey
the last leg
Actually David is usually late. His co-workers often help him finish the last leg -- rolling him down the hall in his office chair!
Phrase to do something carefully at one's own pace
takes his time
Finally he's at his desk. Here he takes his time, communicates well, and does great work.
Phrase the need for quick action
in a rush
Me, I'm never in a rush to get to the office! I roll out of bed and am online in a minute.
Phrase do one's job outside of the main place of business
work virtually
It's a big time savings to work virtually, even a couple of days a week. I love doing my job from home!
Phrase travel to work in the opposite direction of rush hour traffic
reverse commute
And David... really, traffic cannot be an excuse. I just heard you have a reverse commute -- your side of the road is clear!