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Interviewer: Hello Alex. Tell me a little about yourself. Why do you think you'd be a good fit for our restaurant?
You wouldn't believe the deal I got at the flea market this morning! The seller was asking 40 bucks but I got him down to 15 dollars.
What a terrible day. My boss called me to her office and said I was doing a lousy job, today is my last day. I can't believe I got fired!
Yesterday, I bought a big, black van! I got it from V and B, the newest motor vehicle dealership in town.
What would you do if out of the blue you got a call saying Elon Musk would like to speak with you? See Tim's reaction...
Wow, Devin is so frustrating. She always tries to take over and control our meetings. She interrupts when we are speaking and talks over other people too.
My family has been farming for hundreds of years! It's very hard work. I'm not sure I want to be a farmer.
Whoa, I'm exhausted. I just worked a double, fourteen hours on my feet! What about you, how was your shift?
Do you ever get stage fright? I do. I have to do a presentation tomorrow. I get so nervous I can't speak, and I start to sweat.