Should I Fire Back?

Phrase lose one's job
got fired
What a terrible day. My boss called me to her office and said I was doing a lousy job, today is my last day. I can't believe I got fired!
Phrase write something hastily, especially when angry
fire off
I'm going to fire off an email to HR and try to get my job back. I am gonna tell them how unfair my boss is.
Phrase make a bad situation worse by saying or doing something
add fuel to the fire
Is that a good idea? Writing an angry email could add fuel to the fire. It could load you up with even more problems.
Noun an intense or violent response
I know I need to play the game and be politic for my reputation. I'll be nice and not turn this into a firestorm of emotions.
Phrase give someone energy or enthusiasm
fired up
But did you know my boss is dating the head of HR? What! That's so against company policy! Now I'm getting me all fired up. I think you should complain to the CEO.
Phrase do something dangerous that cause many problems
play with fire
I could tell on them. Of course if I play with fire I could get burned. My informing could make me look really bad.
Phrase use the same methods as someone else to them
fight fire with fire
Still, she was so not nice. She let me go with no good cause. I'm going to fight fire with fire. Maybe I'll just get her and her boyfriend fired too!