A Classy Hotel

Verb pay more money than usual on something for yourself
This trip we’re going to splurge and treat ourselves to luxury. We’re staying in a classy hotel!
Adjective (of a price) unreasonably high
The lobby is truly beautiful! Still I wonder if the exorbitant price is really worth it.
Phrase a thing that is very easy to do
a piece of cake
The front desk is empty and check in is a piece of cake. Now let's get to our room!
Noun a person in a hotel whose job is to help guests with their luggage
Oh no, the bellhop is taking our bags. Now we need to figure out how much to tip him. Good that I have some cash.
Adjective full of energy, excitement, and happiness
Wow, look at this! Can you believe the bed, and what a view! There's even a couch on the other side too. We're exuberant about this room.
Phrase remain asleep later than usual in the morning
sleep in
Hey, wait. The blackout curtains won't close. It sucks to have the sun wake us up in the morning. We want to sleep in!
Phrase contact a receptionist at the main counter for guests in the lobby
call the front desk
OK, I'll call the front desk and ask them to send up someone right away to help.
Adjective given for free of charge
Bad news and good news. They can't fix the curtains. But, they are offering us complimentary wine and cheese. What a wonderful feast!
Adjective representing the most perfect or typical example of a something
You’re asleep already? What a quintessential way to end our first day! Haha.