Bike Tune-up

Noun general adjustments to make something function well
Hello! I'd like a bike tune-up. What's included in your basic get-ready-for-summer service package?
Noun something used to stop a wheel from turning
Well, we center and tighten the brakes. Gotta make sure you can slow down when you need to!
Noun parts that connect the pedals of a bike to the wheels to control speed
We check and adjust the gears. Hey, yours aren't shifting. Have you had a hard time going up hills?
Verb fill something with air
pump up
We check the pressure and pump up the tires. Wow, yours are looking pretty flat!
Noun metal links that transfer power from the pedals to the drive-wheel of a bicycle
And finally, we clean and lubricate the chain. Pedaling will be a breeze!
Noun the cost of something
OK and what would the damage be? I hope it's not too expensive!
Phrase money you have to pay
set you back
We charge by the hour. That would probably set you back $150.
Adjective extremely bad
Well that's atrocious! I'm taking my business elsewhere.