Morning Routine

Phrase come to life after sleeping
wake up
It's 7:00AM. Time to wake up. Good morning!
Phrase to arise after a period of sleeping
get out of bed
It takes me a few minutes to get out of bed. Oh my, 7:15 already. I'm going to be late!
Phrase to make something neat and orderly
straighten up my bed
I like everything neat so the first thing I do is straighten up my bed.
Phrase clean one's hands and face
wash up
I go into the bathroom and wash up. Now I am awake!
Phrase eat very quickly
gulp down
I go into the kitchen and gulp down breakfast. Now I am late!
Phrase depart to go somewhere
head out
Bye everyone! I'm about to head out.
Phrase wait a minute
hold on
Oh no, hold on, I forgot my phone! Hey, that's nice of you to bring it to me. Thanks!