Noun leisurely walk
It's so beautiful out today. Let's go for a stroll in the cemetery.
Noun place were dead people are
What? Are you crazy? Why do you want to go to a graveyard? It's creepy!
Adjective causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease
Creepy? No way! it is peaceful with so many beautiful trees!
Adjective free from disturbance
Peaceful? I think all those graves are scary, not relaxing at all!
Adjective placed underground
Come on, don't be afraid! My grandmother is buried there, we can visit her!
Phrase I am going to leave
Outta there
Well, ok. But if i see a ghost, I'm outta there!
Verb to be unexpectedly faced with
Hahaha. I doubt we'll be lucky enough to encounter a ghost!
Phrase crazy
off your rocker
What do you mean lucky enough? I worry about you sometimes. I think you're off your rocker!