How Can I Use VocabNetwork?


VN's Browse Method:

Do it 4 times a week — watch your understanding and communication grow, naturally!
  1. FIND Snippets that grab your attention.
  2. FOCUS on the target (big) word and its definition.
  3. STAMP in your memory a 'special' connection with the word and one part of the story, image, or headline given.


VN's Automate Method:

Play/practice/test until the words and meanings come automatically — fast-track what you learn, see how it sticks!
  1. SELECT a Collection of 10 Snippets.
  2. STUDY IT with at least 3 activities (Flashcards, Match It, Droplet Game, Word Test, Describe Me), repeating your favorite over and over.
  3. TRACK your progress (mastery = 100 points/Snippet) and get your Collection at least 70% done.