Eat Up Everyone

Phrase consume or finish something quickly and easily
polish off
I always polish off my food when I eat at restaurants. Now, with life turned upside down by the pandemic, I eat everything in sight at home!
Phrase to prepare a meal quickly and easily
whipping up
You've been whipping up such nutritious meals these days. Well, yeah, when you've done the grocery shopping!
Phrase to have a particular food as the main food that you eat
live on
Still, to tell you the truth, I really could live on fast food. McDonald's hamburgers and Domino's pizza are the best!
Phrase to eat less of something
cut back on
Don't forget our favorite takeout chicken. Of course, but don't you think we should cut back on fried foods! It's so unhealthy.
Phrase to begin eating
dig in
Yes, I know. That's why I like to go home to Dad's great cooking. Dig in guys! Eat while the food is hot.
Phrase to eat a lot of food at one time
pig out
Is that your cousin? She's vegan, right? Yup, but that doesn't stop her from eating a lot. Look at her pig out!
Phrase eat small amounts of food here and there usually because one does not feel like eating
pick at
Well not everyone is enjoying his meal. Looks like Alex is only going to pick at the food on his plate. I wonder what's up with him.
Phrase eat in a hurry
wolf down
And then there's Ivan. See him wolf down his soup. He says he has to be back home in ten minutes!
Phrase eat a meal at a restaurant
eat out
Hey man, wake up. We're not at a family feast. Right right, but I am thinking we should eat out tonight! Haha dream on. They've closed indoor dining, again!