Going to the Movies

Verb go see a film at a movie theater
catch a movie
A bunch of us are getting together this Saturday night to catch a movie. Wanna come?
Noun a place to go to watch movies
the movies
I don't know. I don't usually go to the movies. I like to watch films online, much cheaper at home!
Noun a counter at the movie theater that sells food and drink
concession stand
And prices at the concession stand are outrageous too! How much did you say it cost for a bag of popcorn and a coke?
Phrase to get food that can be eaten quickly
grab a bite
So let's not eat at the movie theater. We can grab a bite at the cheap diner down the street. OK?
Phrase pay using money in the form of credit given by a bank or business
pay with your credit card
OK OK, sounds like fun. Will you buy tickets online and pay with your credit card?
Phrase move forward in a line of people until it's your turn to get or do something
stand in line
The movie is really popular and I don't want to stand in line for an hour!
Phrase pay using money in coins or notes
pay in cash
Actually we'll have to pay in cash. Sorry, my card is maxed out after buying clothes last weekend.
Noun presentation of a movie or performance
Oh, alright. I'll see you guys at the theatre for the 6:45pm showing on Friday. Thanks for the invite!
Adjective having all tickets purchased already
sold out
Well here we are... SOLD OUT! I can't believe it. After all the arrangements we can't get in :((