Urban Art (advanced)

Adjective lasting for a very short time
In cities across the country, box trucks mysteriously congregate for ephemeral parties featuring avant-garde entertainment.
Noun large number
Flocks of art lovers have decided to ditch the National Gallery and get on a Street Art London tour bus that leads visitors through Shoreditch's colorful streets, a vast outdoor museum.
Noun writing, drawings, markings on walls or other surfaces in a public space, often illegally
Banksy's work sells for hundreds of thousands of pounds and he has become a cult figure in the art world. In July his famous early piece, Gorilla in a Pink Mask, was mistaken for worthless graffiti and painted over!
Noun something that looks or seems different from what it is
German artist Edgar Mueller spent five days to create the 250 square meter image of the crevasse. He then persuaded passers-by to complete the illusion by pretending the gaping hole was real.
Noun property of not existing for indefinitely long durations
"By bringing light into the darkness of each space, it fills that space for a moment in time, and highlights both their beauty and impermanence," the artist Tigtab comments.
Noun work of art that usually has several parts and is usually shown in a large space
Chicago's largest-ever public art installation, Color Jam, was unveiled in the heart of the city's Loop -- covering various surfaces of the intersection of State and Adams with multihued, geometric shapes.
Verb plan and direct a complex undertaking
Dubai Airports successfully orchestrated a flashmob showcasing the talents of 55 dancers in Terminal 1. Not only did it surprise and delight those in the airport who witnessed the 'live' version, the video has gone viral.
Noun lacking any definite plan or order or purpose
Yarn bombing has been described as warm and fuzzy defiant art. Those who engage in the street graffiti delight in creating random acts of art on urban architecture.
Noun act of reading in public
Members of Poets in Unexpected Places have used their ties to a thriving poetry slam community to encourage other wordsmiths to deliver their works in public. Their recitals are greeted with curiosity and enthusiasm.
Noun piece of paper, metal, etc., that has a design, letter, etc., cut out of it
Graffiti-ridden derelict sites have been given a much needed face-lift with extraordinary light art by Tigtab. Each image is created with the help of stencils.