Get Going!

Verb make or become understandable
Better, more realistic graphics can help get across emotion better in video games, but they can also make digital people somewhat unsettling.
Verb be successful, as in business or society
get ahead
Higher education titles help people burnish their credentials and get ahead. But instead of doing the work themselves, some careerists are employing ghostwriters to write their doctorates for them.
Verb have smooth relations
A new study shows that kind children are more popular among their peers. Encouraging simple acts of kindness could help children to get along with classmates and even prevent instances of bullying.
Verb remove oneself from a familiar environment, usually for pleasure
The highway was a cultural Main Street, combining adventure and community, and hitchhiking was a way to join the parade. If you had the time and curiosity, it was as good a way as any to get away and look for America.
Verb do something wrong without being discovered or punished
Passengers are beginning to suspect that airlines regularly get away with lying about weather delays. That way they don't have to compensate their customers for flights canceled for reasons under the airline's control.
Verb survive through hard times
Alejandro Cartagena peeks into the backs of pickup trucks, where construction workers pile together on their way to earn enough to get by. His photo series, “Car Poolers,” is an effort to peer inside these tiny worlds.
enter a place
One of the world's leading causes of blindness is a small parasitic worm that can get in the eyes. Diagnosis has proven difficult, but the recent discovery of a biomarker in the urine of those infected will aid in treatment.
Verb board or cause or help to board
Flocks of art lovers have decided to ditch the National Gallery and get on a Street Art London tour bus that leads visitors through Shoreditch's colorful streets, a vast outdoor museum.
avoid doing something
It's pretty simple to get out of jury duty. If you say you're biased, whether you really have a strong prejudice or are just trying to escape your civic duty, the attorneys won't want you on the case.
Verb recover from an illness or shock
A bad breakup is hard to get over, but by the time you're ready to expose your ravaged heart to an aching ballad, you're not heartbroken so much as pre-healing.
Verb wake and rise from one's bed
When you get up in the morning, different parts of the brain spring into action at different rates. This period of grogginess is called "sleep inertia," and it's why we sometimes wake up unsure of where we are.