Getting Lean

Noun exercise that increases the need for oxygen
Runner's high occurs during moderate to intense aerobics, when natural chemicals called endocannabinoids activate the part of the brain associated with "feeling good."
Noun physical exercise designed to strengthen the stomach muscles
Head to the gym for crunches — the bikini is back in a big way. When it comes to next season’s hot swimwear, the motto is "less is more."
Noun ability to produce a desired or intended result
When assessing the efficacy of weight training vs. cardiovascular exercise, listen to your body and exercise your common sense as well as your muscles.
Noun ability to do something difficult for a long time
Yoga helps improve physical flexibility, strength, and endurance while also increasing resistance to psychological stress.
Noun plan or strategy designed to deal with a particular problem
Michelle has turned parental mantras such as eat-your-vegetables and go-out-and-play into policy initiatives on healthy eating and exercise.
Adjective without much flesh or fat
Madonna credits her hard body to yoga. Jennifer Aniston owes her lean muscles to Pilates. A-listers seem to know which discipline is right for their bodies, but do you?
Adjective moving and bending with ease
Like most of us you probably turn a colourful shade of Amazonian green at the sight of a lithe and perfectly toned Latin backup dancer. If you can't beat them, join them.
Adjective showing a lack of experience or judgment
It may be just a tad naive to expect that a cellulite cream will actually do for you what it miraculously seemed to do for the super fit, uber-toned model in the infomercial.
Verb give a healthy elasticity to one's muscles
Reebok came to an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission over the hyped-up claims that its EasyTone shoes could tone leg and butt muscles better than regular shoes.
Noun the popular taste at a given time
Popular weight-loss shows are motivating their viewers to lose weight themselves, a trend that behavioral economists attribute to the TV's powers of socialization.