The Cat's Meow

Phrase implies that a disagreeable person has entered a room
look what the cat dragged in
Whoa, look what the cat dragged in! You really look tired. Is something wrong?
Noun a short sleep
a cat nap
I'm OK, I just got up from a cat nap. I'm exhausted because I got almost no sleep last night!
Phrase tell information that is not meant to be known
let the cat out of the bag
Oh, so what’s up? Why no sleep? You can tell me. You know I won't let the cat out of the bag.
Noun very heavy rain
raining cats and dogs
Well, remember how it was raining cats and dogs yesterday? I went out without an umbrella and ended up meeting an incredible guy who shared his with me.
Noun a person who shows a lack of courage or confidence
a scaredy-cat
And what happened? Don't be a scaredy-cat, you don't have to be afraid of me saying something. So ... I think I’m in love! We walked and talked for hours.
Noun a person who breaks into buildings by climbing through windows
cat burglar
You've gotta know though, our relationship has to be a secret because of his job! He’s a professional cat burglar.
Noun a highly admired person
the cat's meow
What! You may think he's fantastic, the cat's meow. But stealing is illegal. Are you going to go out with a thief?