In the Doghouse

Phrase extremely ill
sick as a dog
Oh man, you look sick as a dog. What's up? Do you have the flu or something?
Phrase in a bad situation because someone is angry at one
in the doghouse
No, I'm not sick. I'm having a very bad day. I'm in the doghouse with my mom because I didn't clean up my room.
Phrase showing embarrassment or shame after doing something wrong
with my tail between my legs
I came to breakfast with my tail between my legs. I knew if she saw the mess, she'd be furious. So... did she go into your room?
Phrase used to say someone seems more angry or harsh than is the case
bark is worse than her bite
Yes!!! She screamed at me for ten minutes. Well, your mom's bark is worse than her bite. She loves you even if you are a slob!
Phrase an innocent or naive facial expression
with puppy-dog eyes
Yeah, you're right. When I look at her with puppy-dog eyes, she calms down and gives me a hug.
Phrase a place that is not as good as it was in the past
gone to the dogs
You know, my bedroom isn't the only place that's gone to the dogs. Look at all the junk in our garage! Definitely no space for our car anymore.
Phrase food that looks unappealing
like a dog's dinner
Well, one nice thing about your house is your mom’s great cooking. At my place, meals are pretty bad... like a dog's dinner!
Phrase a container for leftover food to be carried home
a doggy bag
Think you'll be out of the doghouse by tonight? If I come over, maybe your mom will give me a doggy bag with some dinner to eat back at my house!