I Love When You Horse Around

Phrase find out about something from the source
Straight from the horse's mouth
Hey Lindsay, do you know Rose is pregnant with triplets? No way, how'd you hear that, Michelle? Straight from the horse's mouth, we had lunch yesterday.
Phrase a painful involuntary contraction of a muscle in an arm or leg
charley horses
That's incredible, and scary. That's a lot of kids! Is she doing OK? Yeah, but she gets charley horses all the time. Her legs cramp so she can't sleep.
Phrase stop behaving in a superior manner
get off your high horse
I told her she needs to relax more. Oh get off your high horse, Michelle. Who are you to talk, you don't relax either!
Phrase behave in a playful way
horsing around
I know, Lindsey. I was just horsing around, not really giving advice. We had a great time laughing and taking selfies with her big stomach.
Phrase asking someone to wait or slow down
hold your horses
Talking about stomachs, I'm starving! Let's go get dinner. Want Italian? Ready to go? Whoa, hold your horses, Michelle. Give me a second to get my coat.
Phrase be extremely hungry
so hungry I could eat a horse
Sure, sure... but don't be too long, Lindsey. I haven't had anything since breakfast. I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!