Not Going to the Cinema

Noun a movie, play, or program intended to make an audience laugh
Want to go to the movies tonight? I’m really in the mood for comedy. They’re showing two old Charlie Chaplin films, the funniest ever!
Phrase used to describe something that is considered to be extremely expensive
cost an arm and a leg
No way, movie theaters cost an arm and a leg. Two tickets and a snack could be over $40. It's crazy!
Verb tell someone to be quiet by putting your fingers against your lips
Being at home is better than having people shush us. Remember how angry the guy got last time when we were talking?
Verb to breathe noisily while sleeping
I don't think we were as noisy as the guy snoring behind us! Good thing his friends woke him up!
Noun a person who shows people to their seats in a theater
I agree and we weren't half as bad as the guy who was on his phone the whole time. Good thing the usher came and kicked him out!
Phrase not liked by us
not to our taste
So we agree, going to the cinema is not to our taste! It's expensive and people are annoying. Yes?
Verb pass time without a particular aim or purpose
Right, we can watch a movie and play a game of chess. It’s fun to chill at home!
Phrase someone who spends a lot of time watching movies and shows on the sofa at home
couch potato
I’ll be a coach potato with you, but no movie.or chess. Let’s binge watch the TV series our friends were talking about. PLEASE!