Korean BBQ

Verb slang for wanting to go somewhere
Hey, let's hit a Korean place. I'm dying for some of their fabulous BBQ pork belly.
Verb cook food on a metal framework placed over charcoal or gas fuel
I'm in. I have a favorite spot where you grill your meat right at the table. Want to try it?
Adjective food that is preserved in vinegar, salt or brine
Sure, I love Korean food. I'm partial to all the side dishes like kimchi, pickled vegetables, and seaweed too!
Noun 2 small pieces of wood, plastic or metal, used as eating utensils
The only problem is I have to ask for a fork to eat my pork! I'm awful at manipulating chopsticks.
Noun a soft, white substance made from mashed soybeans
Hey guys, stop for a sec! I don't eat pork and I hate tofu, it has no taste. What else do they have? Potato skins? Chicken wings? French fries?
Noun something of extremely poor quality
Yo, who wants to eat that crap! Korean food is so good for you, plenty of vegetables mixed in with their soups and meat.
Phrase to pay for something
foot the bill for
Maybe so, but I still don't feel like Korean. I'd rather foot the bill for some good old American bar food. Any takers?