The Dentist

Noun a person whose job is to care for people's teeth
I have a dentist appointment today. It's just a checkup. But, ever since I was a kid I've hated going.
Noun a hole formed in a tooth by decay
I remember I had a really bad experience when I was eight. I had 5 cavities that year and my mom didn't let me eat candy for a whole month!
Noun a tool used for making holes in hard substances
I can still hear the sound of my dentist's drill. She had to make a hole in each tooth in order to clean out the bacteria.
Noun material used to block up a cavity in a tooth
She filled the holes so no food or bacteria would get in. My fillings are metal. Nowadays they make them white to match your teeth, much nicer.
Verb use string to clean between teeth
Wow, so after that did you floss everyday so you wouldn't get more cavities? Well... the string always slips and it's hard to get it between my teeth :((
Noun treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is infected or badly decayed
root canal
In the end one of my fillings did get bacteria inside. Oh my. Now it's infected. I have to have a root canal. Again, I'm scared to death!
Phrase complete a situation in an especially positive or negative way
cap it all off
And to cap it all off, I have to have the root canal on my birthday! I sure hope I'll be able to celebrate afterwards!