Make Me Happy

Phrase set aside time to do something
make time
Wow - you actually picked-up, I usually get your voicemail. Can you make time to go to a movie with me this weekend?
Phrase to benefit someone
do me good
I guess so. It will do me good to take a break and go do something.
Phrase help someone, typically at their request
do me a favor
Listen, do me a favor. Don't say yes if you don't really want to. You sure don't sound excited about seeing me.
Phrase exaggerate the importance of something
make a big deal about
Please don't make a big deal about the way I answered. I'm just overworked and tired. OK?
Phrase prepare a light meal
make us a bite to eat
OK. Should I make us a bite to eat before we go out? I wouldn't want you to have to be responsible for dinner too.
Phrase wash plates, glasses, bowls, silverware etc. with soap and water
do the dishes
Hmm... I am sensing some sarcasm in your voice. But sure, if you cook I guess I can do the dishes.
Phrase show an effort
make an attempt
I know things are hard these days but it would be really nice if you'd make an attempt to at least act like you care.
Phrase said when you want others to believe you are trying hard to make something better
do anything
Hey, I'd do anything to make you happy. Will you accept these flowers as evidence that I love you?
Phrase said to someone to show that you do not take their suggestion seriously
make me laugh
You're full of surprises! A bouquet to make my day. Well that's one way to make me laugh :)))