RUN for It

Phrase to flee from situation or a place
ran away
I had a terrible evening last night! My dog, Luke, ran away. I opened the front door, he saw a squirrel and took off!
Phrase to be hit by a car or other vehicle
ran over
Oh no! Please don't tell me a car ran over him! You live on such a busy street with so much traffic. What happened?
Phrase to come upon something by chance
ran across
Well, at first, he charged through the yard and almost caught that squirrel. But then he ran across my neighbor's cat!
Phrase to ascend quickly
ran up
They both ran up a tree and Luke started barking like crazy. I went to get his treats cause he usually comes in for food.
to chase someone or something
ran after
When I got back he was chasing a car down the street. I ran after him all the way to the park, and then bam, I lost him.
Phrase to meet someone when you are not expecting to
ran into
Thank heavens I ran into someone who saw Luke go behind the bushes on the other side of the walkway.
Phrase to use up and have no more of something
ran out of breath
Long story short, he came back on his own. I ran out of breath and sat down for a sec. Before I knew it there was Luke looking at me waiting for his treat!