Apartment Hassle

Phrase be occupied or busy with
are you up to
Hey, what are you up to today? Any exciting ideas for the afternoon?
Phrase increase your body temperature
warm up
I'm just trying to warm up! I had no heat last night because the boiler in my building broke. They finally fixed it this morning but I'm still freezing.
Phrase stop owning, renting, or doing something
give up
That sucks! Why don't you just give up your apartment? You always have problems with the heat, and the cockroaches!
Phrase make an appointment or meeting
set up
Well it's hard to get a decent place. The landlord of the last apartment I found didn't come to the showing we set up, and rented to someone else!
Phrase arrive or turn up for an appointment or gathering
show up
What?! He didn't show up when he said he would? That's not nice! A dependable landlord is important.
Phrase become better
pick up
Yeah, and owners have the advantage -- too many people looking with not enough flats on the market. I sure hope rental availability will pick up soon.
Phrase to tell a person that they are the one to make a decision
up to you
Hey, I have a brilliant idea, why don't you move in with me? My roommate actually left last week. It's up to you... do you think we could live together?