Grease It Up

Adjective containing too much oil from our body
My hair is so greasy! I really need to wash it. You know it's funny how we say hair is greasy, but skin is oily. English is very strange indeed!
Noun a person who repairs cars for a living
grease monkey
Gross! Why do you let your hair get so dirty? Just because your job is a grease monkey, doesn't mean you have to be grimy like the cars you fix!
Noun hard physical work, especially vigorous polishing or cleaning
elbow grease
Very funny! Now, how about you make yourself useful and help me with this car! You need to give it some elbow grease to get it looking beautiful.
Phrase secretly give someone money to do something
greased your palm
THIS car? We have 5 cars ahead of this one to finish. Oh I get it, the owner greased your palm to finish hers first!
Phrase to make things go more smoothly
grease the wheels
You are right! Now, if you keep your mouth shut, I'll give you an extra helper to grease the wheels and make sure her car is done perfectly by noon. OK?
Phrase a cheap restaurant serving fried foods
greasy spoon
Yep, it'll be done right and on time. Then how 'bout we have lunch at the greasy spoon? I'll be starving by then!