GET Real, I Didn’t Do That!

Phrase recover from an upsetting situation
get over
Wow! I have to get over my ex. Ever since she dumped me, I've been a mess. I can't sleep or eat properly.
Phrase have a harmonious or friendly relationship
got on famously
Oh no, what happened? I thought you guys got on famously! The last time we talked, you said everything was great!
Phrase be compatible with someone
didn't get along with
The problem was that I didn't get along with her friends. I remember it all started at a party we were at.
Phrase enjoy oneself by dancing and partying
getting down
We were all getting down, groovin' to some great tunes and, I fell. Well, long story short, I landed on her mom and sent her flying into a table! It was terrible.
Phrase have a romantic interaction with someone
get with
Can you believe her best friend said I was trying to get with my girlfriend's mom! That certainly was NOT the case, but her friends refused to listen to me!
Phrase avoid serious consequences
get off
Wow! That's an awful story! Where do these friends get off spreading such malicious gossip?
Phrase succeed in making someone believe something
get through to her
Tell me about it! The worst part is that my girlfriend wouldn’t believe me. I couldn't get through to her that I WASN'T flirting with her mom!