Zoos Good or Bad

Phrase one is saying one does not care about the situation
don't give a rat's ass
You know, I really don't give a rat's ass if we go to the zoo or not. I think zoos are lousy jails for animals.
Phrase the highest level of development at a particular time
Oh but this zoo is state-of-the-art! They have a lovely lazy river running through plus unusual animals like a rare red lion and an albino zebra.
Phrase playful way of saying something is unbelievable
That's nuts
A lazy river, that's nuts! Who goes swimming in a zoo? And red lions? They don't even exist.
Phrase used to admit one made a mistake
my bad
You're right, my bad! No red lion, they have a red PANDA in a delightful lagoon. Don't you just love observing animals living like they do in the wild.
Phrase a fanciful or unrealistic notion or hope
That's a pipe dream
That's a pipe dream... zoos with natural habitats for their animals. Ha! Most keep them in cages so visitors can view them up close.
Phrase forming an opinion, often critical one, without considering the full situation
quick to judge
Try not to be so quick to judge. Many modern zoos do great work helping injured animals and saving endangered species from becoming extinct.
Phrase an understanding of a situation that includes more than what is immediately apparent
look at the bigger picture
Well, I think we need to look at the bigger picture... it's hard to balance the interests of zoos, sanctuaries, animal rights people, and the animals too!