Buying a Van

Noun place that sells new and used cars
Yesterday, I bought a big, black van! I got it from V and B, the newest motor vehicle dealership in town.
Adjective good at talking to someone to get them to buy or do something
The salesperson was very persuasive, and tried to get me to buy a very expensive v8 sports car!
Verb demand something forcefully, not accepting refusal
When I said no, he insisted that his beautiful blue Volvo was an even more valuable car and a better buy.
Phrase a minor accident between motor vehicles often affecting the wheel cover
fender bender
But, I knew his beauty had been in a fender bender because scratches were visible on the fender and the door!
Phrase special features that are added to a product
bells and whistles
I ended up getting a Buick van. It has lots of bells and whistles, like a 12-inch touchscreen display and a badass stereo system!
Noun slang for expensive car
Whoa! That sounds expensive. How can you afford such a great whip? Did you rob a bank or something?
Phrase tell about something that someone has done wrong
ratted me out
WHAT? Who told you that? Who ratted me out? Was it Barbara or Viktor? I know I never should have trusted them!