Moving to the Seashore

Noun a party celebrating a move to a new home
housewarming party
We're having a housewarming party! My sister bought a new condo by the sea. She moved in a few months ago but now is settled and ready to celebrate!
Noun residential area outside of a city or urban area
Your sister Shannon? She's such a sweetheart. I guess she was tired of living in the suburbs? I don't blame her. It's definitely dullsville around here.
Verb find a new use for an idea, product, or building
Yes, and now she loves beach life! She repurposes old surf boards into shelves and sells them in a supercool surf shack along the boardwalk.
Noun marine fish that has a head and neck shaped similar to a horse
She started off selling shells that she carved into seahorses, but she had an accident with one of her tools.
Noun a long deep slash, or cut
She was using a gas-powered cutter but it slipped and she got a huge gash in her thumb. It was gross.
Noun cloth used on the bed to cover the mattress
So now in addition to her surf shelves she sells fashion socks, shorts, shirts, and even sheets with seahorses printed on them.
Adjective a rich, luxurious, fluffy fabric
Hey, what a coincidence. The housewarming present I got her is a plush blanket with sea creatures on it!
Noun a very successful song, show, film, or event
a smash
Sensational! We'll shower her with gifts and best wishes. The party should be a smash!