Painting a Room

Verb prepare something to be used
Ok, to begin we need to prep the room for painting. We will get all the supplies we need, clean the room and then we can paint!
Noun a piece of large plastic or material used as a cover
drop sheet
We will use the plastic drop sheet to protect the furniture and floors so we don't get paint on them.
Verb fasten or attach something with adhesive tape
Next, we will tape around the windows, doors, and floor with this special green painter's adhesive. This will keep the drop sheet in place and prevent paint from getting on the windows.
Verb to clean (a surface) by rubbing it with a cloth
wipe down
After we wipe down the walls with soap and water, we will be ready to paint. It is very important for the walls to be clean.
Noun a liquid used to improve the coverage and look of the paint
Now for the painting! First, we put on a primer. This will make the surface of the wall smooth so when we apply the colored paint it will be perfect.
Noun a paint application tool used for painting large flat surfaces quickly
I will use a roller to apply the paint. I find it's easier than using a brush and I think it will be faster too!
Noun a plastic tray to hold paint for decorating with a paint roller
paint tray
Hey, will you grab a paint tray? I bought two so we can paint together! Pour some paint in it and let's get started!