Party Etiquette

Phrase to put an already-eaten-from end of a piece of food into a shared dipping sauce
double dip
I'm so happy you came but please don't double dip! Get the yummy stuff on your chip once. It's rude to put it back in for more after you take a bite!
Verb noisily release gas from your mouth
Oh I guess next you're gonna tell me I can't burp because that's rude too. Mind your own business!
Verb eating or drinking with a loud sloppy sucking noise
Obviously burping is impolite! And in this country so is slurping your Ramen! Do you have to make so much noise when you eat?
Phrase give a person orders in an authoritarian tone
boss me around
Hey, I'll eat my noodles anyway I like. Who are you to boss me around as you sit there texting on your phone all night... now that is disrespectful!
Phrase eat and talk with food showing in your mouth
talk with my mouth full
Well, at least I don't laugh and talk with my mouth full! Look at your friend over there... we don't need to see the food he's eating!
Phrase biting and swallowing your food in a way that people see it
chewing with your mouth open
Yeah, I think we can agree that chewing with your mouth open sounds and looks disgusting!
Phrase the act of sticking a finger into your nose and digging inside
digging for gold
Right, and look at that guy over there. We both know that digging for gold is definitely nasty, at a party and everywhere else!