Movies Suck!

Phrase film genre dealing mainly with love and romance which is targeted to a female audience
chick flick
Can I convince you to go to the movies tonight? I want to see the new chick flick. I hear it's so romantic!
Phrase used to describe something that is considered to be extremely expensive
costs an arm and a leg
I'd rather not. Going to the movies costs an arm and a leg. It's ridiculous, in the city a ticket, drink, and popcorn can add up to 40 bucks!
Verb tell someone to be quiet by putting your fingers against your lips
shushing us up
And remember last time how annoyed everyone got at us talking? I don't want people shushing us up all night.
Noun situation that causes one to fall asleep because it is so boring
a total snorefest
Yeah, well we had to do something to keep us awake. The movie was a total snorefest! Remember the guy behind us was actually snoring?
Phrase confront someone about their misdeeds or unpleasant behavior
called him out
And the guy in front of us was constantly on his phone. Oh right, the usher came and called him out!
Phrase something that you don't like
isn't our cup of tea
So we agree that going to the movies isn't our cup of tea! It's expensive and other people are annoying.
Phrase to watch Netflix with someone with the expectation of sex
Netflix and chill
Right, enough of going to the cinema. How 'bout we stay home and watch a movie. We can Netflix and chill tonight!
Phrase to tell someone that what something much desired is not likely to ever happen
in your dreams
Hahaha, in your dreams. Let's go have a beer at the bar around the corner. That will be fun and it's free drinks for ladies tonight!