Jobs Around the House

Adjective tending to move unsteadily from side to side
Don't stand on that chair, it's wobbly! It isn't safe. Hold on, why are you trying to get up on a chair?
Noun a tool to remove or put in metal screws
I am going to fix the ceiling fan. Can you please pass me the screwdriver? I need to take out the screws so I can replace the blades.
Verb make something firmer and less easy to move
Great! While you're at it, you can fix the chair. All you need to do is tighten the legs. We have lots of nuts and bolts if you need them.
Noun wire mesh fit into a window to keep out insects
Oh and repair the window screen. I can't stand all the insects that are coming in the window.
Verb remove accumulated matter from a drain or toilet
When you finish that, I will get a plunger so you can unclog the toilet.
a container in which you keep and carry small tools
Hold on! I haven't even finished the first task. There sure is a lot to fix in this house! I'm going to get out the big toolbox you bought me last mother's day!
Noun a metal tool with a handle used to put in nails
Great honey! You can finally use your new hammer and nails too. Remember, the painting we got last weekend still needs to be hung!