Noun camping with nicer things than usual making you more comfortable
Ready for our glamping weekend? Glamorous camping! It's going to be so much better than last year. What a disaster it was in the rain in our tiny little tent!
Noun metal post with a point at one end, put into the ground to support a tent, tree, etc.
Check out this amazing deluxe tent we got this year! Do you have the stakes to secure it in the ground? We don't want the tent to fall down like last time.
Noun a device used to fill up something with air
air pump
I've got the sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, an air mattress, and the air pump. I'll also pack a portable heater so we won't be cold again!
Phrase cooking device that uses hard black burning material
charcoal grill
For cooking, I'm definitely NOT bringing my charcoal grill. Charcoal is so messy, it totally ruined my white shorts last summer! My gas camping stove will do just fine.
Noun an insulated container for keeping food and drink cool
Speaking of eating, I have a big cooler for all our drinks. We need to buy beer, wine, and soda. Oh and ice! We need lots -- last year we ran out!
Noun a tool used to open bottles with a cork top
We can't forget the corkscrew. Remember we couldn't drink the wine because we couldn't open the bottle? How frustrating was that!
Noun a chemical put on skin or clothes to prevent insect bites
bug spray
Yeah, and remember how we were eaten alive by the mosquitoes and black flies? I'm bringing 5 bottles of bug spray to make sure that doesn't happen again!
Noun a cream or lotion rubbed on to the skin to protect it from the sun
Right, and I'm bringing 10 bottles of sunscreen! Last year I got the worst sunburn!
Noun battery-operated portable light
OK, all set! Well, except for a flashlight. We need a brighter light than our cell phone torch to go outside to pee at night!