Online Dating

Verb sending texts to someone to keep them interested, but never meeting them
Hey, have you been on Tinder? I guess I'll try online dating but can you help me with a couple of expressions -- like breadcrumbing... What's that?
Phrase when someone flirts even though they aren't expecting a relationship to happen
leading you on
Breadcrumbing is someone leading you on, texting and acting really interested, but then never asking you out. It's happened to me. Not nice!
Adjective when you know a person has seen your message but hasn't responded to it
Sure, that's bad. It also feels awful when someone reads your texts and doesn't reply. Right, r-bombing. Also not nice!
Verb ending a relationship by suddenly not texting
It's like ghosting. So rude! At least have the balls to tell the person you are not interested. Don't just disappear without a word!
Phrase keep someone in an unsettled state
leave someone hanging
Yeah, it really isn't polite to leave someone hanging. I know it can be hard to say "you're not for me" but that's much better than saying nothing at all!
Verb hide the fact that someone is dating other people
What about roaching - like a cockroach. If you see one you know there are more! Is it micro-cheating or a full blown affair? Either way, your partner is interested in someone else!
Phrase agreement by an intimate couple to have casual sex with other partners
open relationship
Well it's not cheating if you're in an open relationship, right? Then it's OK to hook up with other people.
Phrase have sex with someone you won't see again
catch and release
I have friends in an open relationship, and I know people who like to catch and release. How do you feel about having sex with no strings attached?
Phrase when you portray yourself in an unrealistically positive light
Hey not so fast, first I need to get my profile online. Will you check it out? I've exaggerated a bit but certainly don't want to be blamed for kittenfishing!