Hidden Homophones

Phrase exclamation say to yes
I have something in my eye. Aye, I can help you get it out.
Phrase make something fall with an accidental hit
knocked over
You see I knocked over a flower vase as I was reaching for the flour on the top shelf.
Phrase slide a short distance and lose one's balance
slipped on
Then I slipped on the water that spilled on the floor. Please close the window, my clothes are wet and I’m freezing!
Noun segment of the corolla of a flower
A petal or two from my fall has landed in my mixing bowl. But what's really annoying is I have to pedal to the store to buy more eggs!
Adjective very hungry
I had eight and only need six but I see my uncle slept in late and woke up starving. He ate four eggs for brunch!
Verb sit on and control a bicycle or motorcycle
Riding back home I fell off my bike. Who knows I could have broken my nose!
Noun happenings of a specified nature
I must say you’ve had a hard time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a scene!
Noun freedom from disturbance
Me neither! Actually I can’t see much at all. There’s still a piece of something in my eye. Oh please get it out and give me some peace.