Parking Ticket

Noun a notice about a fine imposed for parking illegally, typically on the car windshield
parking ticket
What a day! I almost got a parking ticket! I saw the yellow paper on the front window of my car and I started to run to it!
Noun a document or sticker showing that a car has permission to park in a specific area
Apparently, I was parked in a permit-only spot. BUT...the signs are so confusing. It's like you have to learn a new language to know where you can leave your car!
Noun region in a city where people live
residential area
Wow, that's rough. I guess you were parked in a residential area. Only the people who live there can purchase permits to park on the street near their homes.
Phrase not punish someone for an illegal act
let me off
Yeah, but the cool thing was that the parking enforcement officer let me off! I explained that the signs were really unclear. So in he end, I didn't have to pay!
Phrase person who walks city streets and gives tickets to car owners who have parked illegally
meter maid
Wow, you are lucky! I've never seen a meter maid dismiss a parking ticket. It's their job to fine you if you don't pay or your time on the meter runs out!
Phrase small structure in a public area that collects payment for leaving your car
parking kiosk
Well I got a $30 ticket when I paid at a parking kiosk but had no idea what to do after that! I didn't put the parking sticker in the right spot on my car.
Verb prevent or hinder movement of something
Too bad! My friend had worse luck. He got a $140 ticket for obstructing a driveway. He parked too close and the owners couldn't get out.
Noun a large pipe in the street from which firefighters get water to put out fires
fire hydrant
Fire hydrants are worse. The fine is $150 if you park too close. They say to leave 1.2 meters so firefighters have space to attach their water hoses.
Phrase a parking place for people with mobility issues
accessible space
I'll tell you the absolute worst was the $450 ticket my friend got when she parked in an accessible space without a handicap permit! Can you believe she HAS a permit but it fell to the floor,