Our Last Day in Boston

Phrase want or be ready to do something
are you up for
It’s our last day in Boston. Are you up for sailing on the Charles?
Phrase relax and avoid hard work or strain
take it easy
Not really, I want to take it easy before the flight.
Adjective quiet and relaxed
Okay, let’s do something low-key then. Any thoughts?
Phrase used to say someone wants to do something
Do you feel like
Do you feel like going to the contemporary art museum?
Verb experience something to be uninteresting, silly, or pointless
I find them dumb
Um... no, not especially. Ultramodern 'works of art' don't make much sense to me. Usually, I find them dumb.
Phrase used to indicate a preference
I’d rather
I’d rather be outside. How about walking along the Greenway?
Phrase used to say you approve of something
Sounds good
Sounds good! Maybe we'll find a food truck there. I'm pretty hungry.
Phrase eat a large amount of (often unhealthy or fattening) food
pig out on
Or... we could pig out on ice cream sundaes! Boston’s famous for toppings and mix-ins — a good way to say goodbye to the city!